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Carti ilustrate: un top in The Times

Alpha Mummy este un blog colectiv gazduit de The Times, in Anglia. In fiecare zi gasesti ceva intersant acolo:

Children’s books are supposed to do a lot of things these days – encourage reading, teach moral lessons, convey ideas about the world. But the best ones also enchant with their illustrations. In my experience, the pictures we see as children imprint aesthetics we carry with us for life, serving as a grounding for the art we like, the posters we buy and eventually, the books we look at most avidly with our children, even when they want them read for the 100th time.

Intregul articol, aici. Este un Top 25 facut de Anthony Browne, la rindu-i ilustrator de carti pentru copii.

Ce fac altii bun: de la stiri pina la bloguri

Ati vazut ca, pe linga sfaturi personale, am incercat sa gasesc si citeva lucruri despre care presa noastra n-a amintit - sau nu le-a accentuat importanta. De asemenea, ori de cite ori un lucru despre care-am citit pe la noi mi-a placut, am vorbit despre el; caci ideile bune sint intotdeauna binevenite.

Hai sa vedem insa cum arata paginile de sanatate ale presei din Anglia, pe care-o urmaresc cu placere; in primul rind, sectiunile de sanatate, familie si educatie sint consistente, si pe linga informatia in sine aduc si o tusa personala a comentatorilor - cum ar fi Alpha Mummy din The Times. Sectiunea lor de sanatate se gaseste aici; unul dintre subiectele momentului e intrebarea daca paracetamolul pentru copii nu cumva este excesiv recomandat.

Daily Mail are sectiunea de sanatate aici; pe marginea nasterii octupletilor din Statele Unite se vorbeste acum de numarul crescut de gemeni si tripleti nascuti in ultimii ani in urma fertilizarilor in vitro - si despre riscurile crescute ale sarcinilor multiple.

In The Telegraph avem o sectiune separata de Familile - sint publicate rezultatele unui sondaj: jumatate dintre bunici petrec in jur de 20 de ore saptaminal ingrijindu-si nepotii; 12% dintre bunici ajung sa stea pina la 40 de ore cu cei mici; de asemenea, 20 % dintre bunici au in grija mai mult de 2 copii!

The Mirror are in sectiunea dedicata familiei un articol cu sfaturi despre cum poti reduce costurile petrecerilor pentru cei mici - iata unul:

Don’t start too early

Until the age of three, most children don’t even know it’s their birthday.

Siobhan Freegard, founder of parenting website Netmums, says: “There’s really no need to go mad when they’re very young. They’ll just get overwhelmed by the fuss.

“First birthdays, for example, are more for the benefit of other family members so a small get-together more than suffices.”

(restul aici)

In The Independent avem sectiunea de sanatate aici: se vorbeste despre recomandarea oficiala venita din partea Guvernului ca pina la 15 ani, copiilor sa nu li se permita sa bea deloc alcool.

The Chief Medical Officer, Sir Liam Donaldson is recommending that parents should not allow their children to drink – even at home – until they are 15.

The recommendation marks a significant change of emphasis from the current position: it is legal for children to start drinking at the age of five.

As revealed in The Independent, Sir Liam was asked to draw up guidelines on drinking just as evidence emerged that while the proportion of children drinking alcohol is actually falling, “binge drinking” is increasing, with those who do start younger consuming more.

In his guidance, Sir Liam will say that an alcohol-free upbringing is best for a child’s brain development.

The Guardian are o sectiune impresionanta de sanatate; gasim aici un articol legat de asemenea de nasterea octupletilor din Statele Unite - cresterea lor ii va costa pe parinti 1.6 milioane de dolari; in primul an vor schimba 23.296 de scutece; iar ca sa-i scoata pe toti la plimbare, le-ar trebui doua carucioare de 4 locuri! (totul aici)

Bloguri: bloguri de mame si bloguri de tati

Dintre blogurile de mame (sau pentru mame), Alpha Mummy - gazduit de The Times, vorbeste despre reluarea serviciului dupa nastere, de mincarea nesanatoasa, de lipsa de timp… despre tot ce conteaza.

Iata citeva alte adrese - si citeva cuvinte despre fiecare, asa cum se vede fiecare:

The Potty Diaries: I started this blog to share the benefit of my - admittedly limited - experience of potty training the older of my two boys, and to show that whilst it can be hell, it also can be done. Like all good things though, my retrospective diaries of Boy #1’s potty training shenanigans have come to an end, so this has become more of a blog to stop me becoming potty than about the potty.

Nappy Valley: Nappy Valley Girl is a journalist and mother of two small boys who lives on the rather more downmarket fringes of the so-called ‘Nappy Valley’ area of South West London. She’s torn between despising yummy mummies, and secretly wanting to be one…

Sticky Fingers: I’m a thirtysomething British mum with two very demanding young children. Motherhood is the single most rewarding/frustrating thing I have ever done. I would love to give up work and spend every waking hour with them, but quite honestly I just don’t have the energy.

Si-acum, despre tati - si citeva bloguri:

Blogger dad: I’m Blogger Dad, a first time dad of a 16 month old son, also known as the Cutest Toddler in the World (according to the unbiased opinion of my wife). And since there aren’t nearly enough blogs by parents littering the internet, I decided to do my part in consuming bandwidth with musings on parenthood, writing, blogging, and other Very Important Stuff.

Writer dad: I began this blog to chronicle a significant chapter in my family’s biography. My wife and I were closing our preschool to take our tutelage online, and I wanted to be a full time writer. Writers crave an audience, and I fancied an auditorium for my maturing voice.

Teach my children well: Essentially, I want to use this blog as a means to chart my progress in becoming a better father to my four young children (7, 5, 2 & 1), teaching them the values I believe will benefit them as they grow.

Sint multe de citit, nu?



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