Clock out if you want to talk about the weather or your babies

Angajaţii primăriei oraşului englez Carlisle au fost avertizaţi să poarte discuţiile particulare - despre copii, vacanţe, vreme - în afara orelor de serviciu pentru care sînt plătiţi:

They have ordered them to ‘clock-out’ if they want to talk to a colleague about something other than work and warned them not to treat the office as a ‘holiday camp’.

The reason? Workers must increase efficiency because of the ‘current economic climate’ and proposed cuts to local government spending.

The strict message to 31 workers at Carlisle city council also bans looking at photographs and trawling the internet.

Forbidden topics of conversation include holidays, babies and pets.

The email, sent earlier this month by team leaders David Blake and Neil Dewar, reads: ‘In order to ensure maximum output is produced, the working ethos within the office will need to change.

‘Staff should be aware of the ­reason they are here, which is to work and not to treat the office as a day-to-day holiday camp.

‘It is not a requirement for you not to talk to your fellow colleagues but you should ensure that non-work conversations are kept to a minimum.

‘Staff should log into systems first thing and not “catch up on the ­gossip”. Smokers are required to clock out when they want a cigarette.

‘Surely it is not unreasonable to expect you to clock out if you want to have a ten-minute conversation with a colleague about the weather?

‘The way we have worked previously cannot be sustained in the current economic climate and we must all change our ways.’

… scrie Daily Mail, săptămîna trecută.

Deocamdată încă puteţi citi articolul ăsta la serviciu, dar fiţi cu băgare de seamă. Oameni cu idei sînt - oho! - destui, şi la noi.

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