Safety tips for kids!

Dacă l-aţi citit vreodată pe Maddox… atunci ştiţi la ce să vă aşteptaţi:

  • Wait until your parents are sleeping, and sneak quietly into their room. It’s important to be as quiet as possible so you don’t waste their time by waking them up.
  • Find your dad’s wallet or your mom’s purse.
  • Take any cash or credit cards you find.

That’s it! Next time you go to the store, you can use the cash to buy whatever you want. But be careful! Make sure you only buy things you really want! [...] It’s best to use cash for candy and toys, and credit cards for things you buy online, like TVs and home entertainment centers [...]

[...] Safe kids know that the only way to shoot someone safely is if you have good aim, and the only way to get good aim is to practice shooting all the time [...]

Safety tips for kids - aici

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