The City Guide for Parents with Children

Din link în link ajungi departe: de pe Bucharest Daily Photo pe Paris Daily Photo - şi de acolo afli chestia asta, adică despre The City Guide for Parents with Children:

Family-friendly and budget conscious, this city guide reveals how to have fun with young children in France’s famed capital city. Conveniently organized in 12 sections, this sourcebook features fun things to do outdoors; activities geared for boys, girls, and the whole family; the locales of the best free playgrounds; the most kid-friendly sightseeing; hip inns that offer real value for the money; and great places to eat. A handy tips section provides a range of helpful tidbits such as embassy locations, seasonal temperature ranges, key phone numbers, listings of babysitting services, museum and store hours, which electrical adapters to use, and a conversion chart for children’s clothing sizes. [detalii, aici]

O idee care face toţi banii!

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