He-he! cum recunoşti un tată?

Un material niţel mai vechi şi haios apărut în Rusia despre feluritele tipuri de bărbaţi. E vorba şi proaspătul tată…

Zice acolo aşa:

A young father type can live a steady life of an office-manager or photographer, but when risky sex comes to his life – everything changes…
With a dry milk spot on his shoulder, he doesn’t understand what strange smell follows him all day long.

He knows all places on the Internet where he can order “best Japanese diapers” and knows how to tall them from the common ones.

There is a pacifier or a rattle in his pocket, but usually both of them.
He drinks much at friends, and keeping away from beer at home just in sympathy with his close ones. When the fun is at its peak, he remembers his promise to bathe the baby and quickly leaves.
He has a picture on the phone: “we are 20 min. old here” and picture like “I am cutting the umbilical cord here”. He took the picture with his left hand. He shows this picture to everybody who fails to escape in time.
He is slim as usually he eats what’s left on the baby’s plate.
When shopping, his keeps his eyes are closed and he is rocking the shopping-cart out of habit.
He has cuts on the face as he falls asleep several times when shaving.
Women like him but he does not know what to do about it.
He has his own opinion about breast feeding.
He has a creasy condom with expired date but does not throw it away in the hope to use it some day.
He bought a radio-controlled plane for the daughter in advance. He is dreaming to try it with friends when he comes home.
There are creases on the shirt cuffs as he has not mastered the ironing technique yet, but he is always ready to talk about it.
He can achieve orgasm quickly not to wake up the baby and his wife.
There are spots on the trousers from washing with stain remover.
He says “we have pooped” we have fallen ill” or “we have fallen ill and we have pooped in a strange way”.

Întreg materialul, aici.

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